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What makes a bank successful? Its bottom line? The size of its assets? The diversity of its lending portfolio? At Heartland Bank, we recognize that while those things contribute to success, they don’t define it. For us, success is defined by how many customers we help achieve their personal or financial goals. That’s the way we’ve approached being a community banking and lending partner since we first began in 1901.

The Heartland Bank Mission

Heartland Bank is committed to remaining a strong, well-capitalized independent financial services provider. 

By doing these things, we position ourselves as a resource and a leader in our communities to help them continue to grow and be great places to live and work. 

Our growth from the Somers Security Bank started by A.R. Daughenbaugh in 1901 into Heartland Bank with offices in five communities is a result of knowing who we serve and the financial issues they face. We are a strong financial partner not because of numbers, but because we understand and believe in the individuals, families, farmers and business owners we work with every day.

Our approach to community banking at Heartland Bank will always include real people and real service. Come see us today to see how we can help you.