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Standing for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC protects banking customers against the loss of their insured deposits should the financial institution fail. FDIC was created to maintain a confident relationship between banks and their customers. At Heartland Bank you are automatically insured up to $250,000. Have more funds to work with? We have additional options! 

Accurate deposit insurance calculations: FDIC: Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE)

Your Money is Safer in a Bank

When you leave your money at home you run the risk of losing it to theft, fires, or other disasters. When you use a bank account your money is insured against loss, your money can gain interest, you can use Heartland Bank’s several banking services to conveniently monitor your funds, and so much more!  

Servicing Large-Dollar CD Accounts

For individuals, businesses, community organizations and public funds looking for a secure option to grow a large amount of money, the CDARS® program at Heartland Bank is your answer.

How the CDARS® Program Works at Heartland Bank

When you place a large deposit into a CD with us, we place your funds in CDs issued by other banks within the same network for less than the standard FDIC insurance maximum. This guarantees protection for the principal investment and any interest it generates. And while your money is spread across multiple banks, you only work with us. Plus, there are numerous other benefits to the CDARS® program:

Contact your Heartland Bank office today to learn more about getting started with the CDARS® program.

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