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Your Lending Partner for FSA, IADA, Farm Real Estate and More Ag Loan Options

The agricultural lending team at Heartland Bank has worked with farmers and owners of agribusiness of all shapes and sizes, from small operations to those with thousands of acres. Our experience in ag lending gives you the advantage you need to adapt to changing environments. From farm real estate loans and operating lines of credit to FSA and IADA loans, Heartland Bank is the strong financial partner you can trust for your ag lending needs.

Operating Lines of Credit

Seasonal cash flows are easier to manage with an operating line of credit. They can be used to purchase chemicals, fertilizer, seeds and other needs for your farm or agribusiness. Contact Heartland Bank today to learn more about our operating lines of credit to cover the peaks and valleys in your yearly cash flow.

Agricultural Real Estate Loans

Securing land for your farm home, buildings or crops is critical to building a successful farming operation. Heartland Bank helps make this possible through real estate loans specifically targeting farm real estate. Competitive rates for purchases and refinancing are available in fixed or adjustable rates. Ag real estate loans from Heartland Bank are also available with extended maturities if needed.

Loans for Livestock, Equipment and Leasing Options

Heartland Bank also offers loan options for livestock and equipment, as well as leasing programs:

  • Livestock Loans- financing is available for cows and calves, stockers, feeders, feedlots, feeder pigs and breeding pigs.
  • Equipment Loans- whether you need equipment for row crops, rolling stock or grain handling and storage, Heartland Bank has equipment loans available to help cover the costs.
  • Lease Loans- our ag loan specialists can help you understand our leasing programs for fixed asset acquisition and if they are a good solution for your needs.

FSA Loans

Loans from the Farm Service Agency aim to give new farmers who can’t secure credit from commercial sources the financing they need. They can be used for both farm ownership and operating expenses. If you haven’t been able to secure financing through the usual lending channels, contact Heartland Bank about the FSA Loan programs we offer today.

IADA Loans

Securing financing for agricultural production isn’t always simple. Loans from the Iowa Agricultural Development Authority (IADA) can help ensure your dream of owning and managing your own crops or livestock operation. Loans from the IADA can be used to purchase agricultural real estate, machinery, equipment, buildings or breeding livestock.

Contact Heartland Bank for your Ag Lending Needs

Our ag lending specialists are ready to help any way they can. Simply contact Heartland Bank and ask to speak to an ag lending specialists to start the conversation about your needs today.