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Simple Check Processing for Farmers & Businesses

As a business owner, your time is precious. Every day, your attention is divided between the various tasks of running a business. You don’t always have time to get to the bank to deposit business checks. With Remote Deposit Capture from Heartland Bank, you can take back your day and deposit business checks anytime you need to.

Remote Deposit Capture is Easy to Set Up

Getting up and running with Remote Deposit Capture is simple. Here is everything you need:

Now you’re ready to start scanning checks and depositing them directly into your Heartland Bank checking account.

Using Remote Deposit Capture is Simple

Depositing business checks with Remote Deposit Capture is a simple, repeatable process:

  1. Take your check and feed it into the check scanner. It will read both sides of the check in one pass.
  2. You will then see scanned images of the check on your computer. The deposit amount is automatically filled in. Double check that the information is correct.
  3. Now you are ready to deposit your check. Simply submit the deposit, and it will be securely transmitted to Heartland Bank.
  4.  An email will be sent to you confirming your deposit has made it to Heartland Bank.

Using Remote Deposit Capture Saves You Time

The largest benefit of Remote Deposit Capture is that it gives you back the time you or another employee would’ve had to take to physically deposit your checks. Remote Deposit Capture is a great solution for you if you:

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Simply call or come by any Heartland Bank office to get started with Remote Deposit Capture today.