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As a community bank, Heartland Bank acts as a resource for all parts of your financial life. Our banking and lending resources help you to make sound financial decisions, whether it is switching to Heartland Bank, planning for your future with our financial calculators, or finding out how to protect yourself from identity theft. 

Available Resources

Switch Kit

Tired of your current financial institution or planning a move to our area? Switching your accounts to Heartland Bank is easy with our simple switch kit. See how easy it is to switch to Heartland Bank. 

Financial Calculators

Planning for the future isn’t always easy. Using our financial calculators can give you a better idea of your financial future, whether it’s saving for education, paying off your debt or how much of a mortgage you can afford. Start planning today with Heartland Bank’s financial calculators .

Credit Counseling

Don’t let credit card debt ruin your life. With the right credit counseling services you can make a plan for your finances and work on paying down your debt to unload a weight off your shoulders. Try any of these credit counseling services:

Credit and Fraud Monitoring Services

Heartland Bank offers various optional plans to monitor your credit and alert you if fraudulent activity occurs. Protecting your credit from fraud is vital, so be sure to contact Heartland Bank  today to learn more about our Gold and Platinum credit and fraud monitoring packages.

Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is a serious crime that can ruin your entire financial life and result in spent time, effort and money trying to resolve. Learn how Heartland Bank protects you for FREE. 

For more information and helpful resources, call or come by the Heartland Bank office nearest you today.