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Please fill out this ENTRY FORM and submit the completed form with your photo entries!

Heartland Bank’s Photo Contest Official Rules

Participants in Heartland Bank’s Photo Contest agree to abide by the terms of the official rules, set below.


All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

The photo contest is open to the public.

Participants must complete an entry form and sign a photo release in order to enter photos in the contest. Forms can be picked up at any of Heartland Bank’s five locations or printed from our website.


Photos, accompanying entry forms and photo releases must be received by Heartland Bank by the following date in order to be eligible for this contest: December 31, 2021.

Property Rights

All photographs remain the property of Heartland Bank. Winning entrants grant Heartland Bank an irrevocable, perpetual license to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the photograph.


If the photograph contains any elements or materials that are not owned by the entrant and/or are subject to the rights of third parties, and/or if any person appears in the photograph, the entrant is responsible for obtaining an appropriate release and consent necessary to permit the exhibition and use of the photograph in the manner set forth in these official rules. If any person appearing in the photograph is under the age of majority, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required on each release. If requested, the entrant will provide Heartland Bank with a copy of such signed, written release within seven (7) calendar days of request.

Photo Subject Release

With respect to the attached photograph (hereinafter the “photograph”), I hereby grant to Heartland Bank, its affiliates and licensees, and to the photographer of the photograph, the following, irrevocable rights:

  1. to copyright the photograph in the name of Heartland Bank or in the name of the photographer, and
  2. to use and re-use, publish and re-publish the photograph, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with print matter, or in composite form, and in any medium, for editorial, commercial, promotional, and/or trade purposes.

I hereby waive my right to inspect or approve any copy that is used in connection with the photograph and release and discharge Heartland Bank, its affiliates and licensees, and the photographer from any and all claims arising out of use by Heartland Bank, its affiliates of licensees, of the photograph for the purposes described above, including any claims for libel and invasion of privacy.


By entering this contest, entrants agree to be bound by these official rules. This contest is void where prohibited. Entrants agree that this contest shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the State of Iowa.

The photograph, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the contest entrant. By entering this contest, the entrant represents and warrants that the submitted photograph is an original work created solely by the entrant, that the photograph does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, privacy rights, or intellectual property rights of any person or entity and that no other party has nay right, title, claim or interest in the photograph.

The photograph must not, in the sole discretion of Heartland Bank, contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content. Heartland Bank reserves the right to reject the suitability of any image.

Heartland Bank reserves the right to modify the rules and requirements of the contest if necessary.

Limitation of Liability

By entering this contest, all entrants agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless Heartland Bank, its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, employees, officers, directors, and representatives from any claims, losses, or damages arising out of their participation in this contest or any contest-related activities and the acceptance and use, misuse, or possession of any prize awarded hereunder.

Data Privacy

Entrants agree that personal data, especially name and address, may be processed, shared, and otherwise used for the purposes and within the context of the contest and any other purposes outlined in these official rules. The data may also be used by the sponsor in order to verify the participant’s identity or to otherwise verify the participant’s eligibility to participate in the contest. Winning entrants agree to have their name and city and state of residence published in conjunction with the winning photographs. Participants have the right to access, review, correct or cancel any personal data held by Heartland Bank for purposes of this contest by writing to Heartland Bank, attention Kaitlin Nelson, PO Box 730, Manson, IA 50563.

Please fill out this ENTRY FORM and submit the completed form with your photo entries!